Safari Day 2…

A very early morning start today: 6am safari


Started with several small mammal sightings including…

Wild boar:


Ruddy mongoose:


Striped neck mongoose:


Indian tree squirrel:


Barking deer:


Some new birds including swallows, kingfisher and painted storks…

A monitor lizard..


Again saw several peacocks and a herd of gaur including a baby!

And just when we were about to give up and end the safari (it lasts 3 hours), we came upon a group of 7 elephants (including a baby) at a watering hole!!!


What an amazing way to end the safari!!!

Drove back to Mysore, packed, and went to dinner at a rooftop revolving restaurant from where we watched the illuminated Mysore palace…

Tomorrow we say goodbye to Mysore and our trusty driver Shivu and leave for New Delhi for a couple of days of adventure there…stay tuned!

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