Fun and work all in a day…

Tuesday July 16:

The day started with 11 students going to a yoga session very thoughtfully organized by Spoorthi Mam (she has done so much for us this year including setting up several screening days as well as the invitation to the dance recital, and now yoga!)



The students enjoyed it thoroughly, while Lexi and I slept in a little and then enjoyed an Uber auto (aka tuk tuk) ride to meet them after yoga



After yoga we went to Chamundi Hill. The hill is an icon in the city of Mysore with the famous Chamundeshwari temple at the top


The legend is that the Goddess vanquished the demon Mahishasura, and we took the “mandatory” photo in front of the giant statue of the demon


Then of course there was shopping at the stalls that cater to tourists


The beautiful view of the city from the hill top

And a brief stop at the Nandi (the bull that is Lord Shiva’s vehicle) which is halfway down the hill


After all this fun, we had lunch at the lovely Amrutha’s Restaurant (where we went last year as well) and then proceeded to Maharaja’s High School for the afternoon schedule of screenings


We screened 87 students and 15 staff members

Followed by a short gathering of the teachers at the school who thanked us for coming, and were very impressed with the Kannada spoken by our students!


Once again, HUGE thanks to Spoorthi Mam for making all the arrangements! Since this was our last clinic we showed our appreciation with a small gift from Purdue…

Student reflections about their progress from their first clinic at Purdue to their final clinic in India:

  • I feel like I am faking it less. At Purdue I smiled and pretended like I knew what I was doing… I never saw the eardrum. Now, I can find the eardrum, gauge patient’s responses, now don’t feel like I’m faking
  • I got comfortable interacting with patients
  • Earlier I was terrified, and never saw the eardrum consistently; now I am more confident
  • Here people feel privileged to have the opportunity to get their hearing screened – made me realize not to think of what I am doing as just doing it. It is a big deal. Now, I am more excited, and feel I am doing something that’s actually important
  • My flexibility has increased, I am going with the flow without getting worked up
  • My problem solving skills have really improved
  • Today was not my best day, but I stuck with it and improved!
  • I am more confident with basic skills and less afraid to ask when I need help

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