Screening, screening, screening…

July 14:

Today we left early at 7am and traveled about 1.5 hours to the Jawahar Navodaya school which is located in a remote area close to the edge of a forest/wildlife sanctuary. The school is a residential (boarding) school with a large 20 acre campus…


We screened more than 300 children from 6-10 grade with our 11 students working together (one stayed sick at home unfortunately)…



The group at the end including the Audiology India volunteers and school principal..


And we all got a bottle of fresh honey collected by the tribal villagers from the nearby forest! Once again a HUGE thank you to Spoorthi from Audiology India for organizing this event for us! It provided such a great clinical experience for our students…


Reflection from student:

“At first I was not not sure why they sometimes don’t understand the directions. After one little girl cried, I thought about it more and realized I’m not sure how ANYONE understands what we are saying. We are saying “beep beep – hand” in their language, but not pronouncing correctly, and saying the same thing over and over if they don’t understand.” In fact, it’s amazing how many kids DO understand the directions with just those words, smiles, and gestures!!

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