Presentation, palace, and shopping…

July 13:

This morning, we found our way to a school called “Bachpan” (which means childhood).

  • As usual they first offered tea as per Indian hospitality 🙂
  • Also as usual the videos in my presentation did not work but I put them all (well almost all – missed one) into a folder and we were able to play them – phew!
    • HUGE thanks to an Audiology India volunteer for taking the time to come early and set up the projector for us!!
  • The presentation went fine…
  • and the best part was that the teachers were very interactive and informed and engaging


  • The group picture before we departed…


  • We FINALLY made it out of there and after lunch we went to the Mysore palace


  • There was not any line for the tickets, so I thought Ravi was mistaken when he said it was crowded – well I was the one mistaken!!
  • The crowd was immense; but we quickly found a guide who took our slippers and took us into the palace
  • We flowed along with the mass of humanity, but the guide did manage to get us together to explain things along the way – it was quite an experience
  • I guess it was a bad idea to go to the palace on a Saturday, especially a 2nd Saturday which is a holiday for many people…but here is the group after…



The rain did not dampen our spirits as we saw the palace elephants…

  • After that we went to the market as planned. The students had fun buying anklets, spices, tea, knives, bangles etc. in the busy market
  • Then we stepped out and all 12 students got henna on their hand done by three henna artists who were very efficient
  • The results:
  • So – another day, unfortunately ended with another student illness, yet they maintain their good spirits…even while sitting on the roadside!


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